Super King is the most talked about super market in Northeast Los Angeles.
It is definitely the “King” of ethnic super markets. While most of ethnic super markets focus on one ethnic group, Super King has everything for everyone. It covers Korean, Armenian, Russian, Philippine, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese and more. As the result, narrow ailes of the market are filled with all kinds of people and almost look like a scene of Star Trek.  

The price is low and the market offers unbelievable amount and variety of food. The items sold here includes:wonton wrappers, perninis,hummus, phylo wrappers, frozen quail, fillet mignon that is sometimes $4.90/lb, Armenian pizza, quart cans of olive oil, testicles of oxes, toungs of lamb, snouts of pigs, pig skin, whole fish, hookah pipes, oozo, and all kinds of grains, nuts, dried fruits. 

The market is extremely crowded on weekend. It is better to visit on weekdays if you can.

Super King Market Los Angeles (Store #2)
2716 N. San Fernando Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Tel : (323) 225-0044
Fax : (323) 222-2219


Super King Market

Super King Market entrance