Yukari Travis was my real estate agent during my lengthy search for a home. After thinking about it and saving for 30 years, the time finally came to take the plunge and start looking around for an affordable place to buy in a n older neighborhood. Yukari was the most knowledgeable person I have dealt with for the part of town I was interested in and so helpful and efficient. The listings kept flowing in and it was a continuous task of editing through them and comparing all the details, locations and prices. She was so patient with me and knew that I was serious about finding the right place. It took me so long to finally get myself focused on what exactly I needed and what was realistically available in my price range, but Yukari never lost motivation. She kept me inspired through the whole process.

Yukari is professional, organized and has excellent experience on how to utilizes the tools of the trade, compare listings and various conditions of the homes that were of interest to me. Her knowledge of the laws, the requirements to qualify for a loan, the building codes for property improvements, and construction details al are excellent. She made my home search and eventual purchase  an extremely pleasant and inspiring experience and I have been recommending her to all my friends! She is the greatest!!