I consider myself very conservative when it comes to sushi.After all, I am a Japanese who grew up in Japan. I love sushi, but only authentic ones. Raw fish, wasabi and rice, that should be all for sushi. 

Traditional sushi here at Mia is quite good. Neta (fish) is fresh and luxurious in size. Shari (rice) is property firm and wasabi is fresh.  It is not cheap ($5-7 for a pair), but I think it worth.

They also have “creative” rolls, but the menu is not as crazy as some other sushi places. “Mt. Washington Roll” is with crab, eel and cream chese (!) and avocado on top. I believe avocado signifies the green hills of Mt. Washington. I reluctantly tried a little, but it was actually not too bad. There are “Highland Roll”, “Oxy Roll” and “Colorado Roll” in the menu as well.

Mia Sushi
4741 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Phone: 323-356-2562
Home Page: http://www.mia-sushi.com/